With the advent of internet and technology, It became quite essential for every storefront to go online in order to expand its customer reach. Thus, eCommerce came into existence and has become a requisite for all kind of business categories. The global eCommerce market is gigantic and has become a trillion dollar market and is still being projected to grow at double-digit rates in the coming future.

At present, there are millions of online store which are struggling to succeed and reinventing the retail experience. But, the major concern is how many eCommerce stores are winning?

This market has become incredibly competitive and the retailers are continuously looking to generate meaningful revenue by adapting to various eCommerce platforms. In general, what makes you stand out from the crowd depends on crafting a unique brand with a great shopping experience. Also, the users are are looking on for all the added services one can avail and not only the products which an online store is offering.

Thus, It is very important that you provide your online platform with a sturdy foundation. Nowadays, there are a number of eCommerce platforms available in the market such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop etc. Amongst all these platforms available for developing a scalable eCommerce platform, the most preferred one is the Magento based platform. In the Alexa ranking, Magento supports approximately 26 per cent of the top one million eCommerce websites.

This platform holds an advantage over the others due to its user-friendliness and scalability. In terms of scalability, there is possibly no other platform near to Magento. This platform helps you to develop an online store to deliver your online services quickly and easily.

If we compare this platform with any other eCommerce platform available in the market, Magento offers the customers with quickness and versatility which is hard to find in any other. Adding to this, Magento eCommerce solution comes up with an average loading time of lesser than 2 seconds, which is quite fast for any online store.

Why Magento?

. Completely open-source
. Less complicated eCommerce store
. World-class features with customizable mobile friendly themes
. Extensive and efficient APIs with more than thousand quality extensions
. Flexible CMS (Content Management System)
. White label app with your own brand
. Easy to use customize apps with Plug-ins & Themes
. Most search engine friendly eCommerce platform
. Wide-ranging support network
. Automatic updates of websites unlike other platforms
. Multi-language & multi-currency support
. Quick and versatile functions

and the list goes on.

Below, I have scrutinized some factors which make Magento the best eCommerce platform among few other leading platforms:

Magento vs. Shopify:

Magento:- Open source platform; 100 of design, templates & extensions to choose from

Shopify:- Requires its own language (liquid); smaller sized platform with a restricted design template of just 200.

Magento vs. BigCommerce:

Magento:- Easy & simple to utilize framework

BigCommerce:- Complex plug-ins & restricted third-party support

Magento vs. Wordpress:

Magento:- Tailored eCommerce option

Wordpress:- Permits eCommerce with plug-in

Magento is winning over the hearts of merchants, developers along with the users with its striking performance and flexible advantages over other platforms. This platform has also made it easy for a non-tech savvy user to run an online store easily with smart and well-organized Admin panel.

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