Managing an eCommerce store in today’s competitive and challenging due to several advancements of technology that is making the consumers quite demanding. So, it is crucial for every digital seller to be more attentive in business strategies.

Below are some of the top eCommerce strategies that can help you to stay ahead of your competitors in the long run. Let’s get started!

1. Being Responsive & Search Engine Friendly

Having a responsive eCommerce website is beneficial due to its multipurpose approach. With this, you can be SEO-friendly, bring more mobile traffic, lesser bounce rates, fast loading mobile pages, and more.

How can you make a website responsive?

The best practices to be responsive choose responsive themes, be minimal in designs, using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), opting for responsive imagery etc.

A search-engine friendly website is always appreciated due to its ability to bring organic web traffic for your eCommerce store. So, it is amongst the best eCommerce strategies that can help you to combat competition in 2019.

Some of the surefire tips to ensure SEO friendly website includes a powerful adoption of rich snippets, incorporating Google AMP & Google XMP sitemaps, and SEO plugin adoption etc.

2. Scalable & Enhanced Performance

Whenever you set up your online business you should always be well aware of the fact that it will grow in the future. That means you need to have an eCommerce platform that is easy to expand or scale as per your increasing needs.

What are the best eCommerce platform options available?

Talking about the eCommerce platform options available in the market, Magento is widely known and high in demand amongst businesses partners and developers. With Magento upgrade services to Magento 2.x, it has definitely become more powerful than ever before.

So, you can rely on this platform for improving productivity and sales for offering a more user-friendly shopping experience to consumers.

3. Impressive Product Visualization

eCommerce industry is quite competitive. It can never be the scenario that you alone are the dealer of a particular service. For instance, if you are into apparels, there are definitely more retailers who are already doing good in the industry or others may be planning the same.

So, it becomes crucial to bring out the best presentation of your products online. To leverage the potential of digital environment, you can opt for the best graphics to visualize products on website or other product visualization strategy.

An effective and interactive product visualization can help you to actuate exponential sales, bring more web traffic, and convincing the visitors better to make a purchase from you.

Best ways to gain compelling product visualization

- Opt for 3D prototypes,
- High-resolution product images,
- 360-degree view of products etc.

In addition to these, if you choose to place videos of your products with a touch of human illustration.

4. Streamlined Checkout Process

Just like in physical storefronts, once customers select the products to purchase they head towards the cash counter to pay the bills. Same is the case with eCommerce stores, once visitors have added the products in their cart, they move towards checkout page to pay and complete the purchase.

Seemingly, all the post-checkout activities play a vital role in forcing consumers to purchase. Still, if they will face any kind of complexity or hindrance in checkout, your all efforts shall go in vain and conversions are prone to drain eventually.

How can you make your checkout process streamlined?

To initiate the process, first, you need to place ‘add to cart’ button at a place where it is easy to locate and access by customers.

Furthermore, you can choose you to have the following:-

- Guest checkout option,
- No registration forms, instead you can allow social media logins.
- Displaying progress bar,
- No hidden fee along with security badges
- Multiple payment and shipping methods.

Apart from this, you can choose to offer some complementary products or services to your loyal customers. It will not only make them feel special but may also end up selling a new item on their next purchase.

At last, I am being hopeful that you like the reading and find it worthy of your business interest and implementation.