SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a wonderful strategy to enhance your website performance along with overall conversions and profits. And, Page speed contributes to this strategy a lot if optimized perfectly.

Optimizing page load speed from the aspect of enhancing Magento eCommerce performance is critical in today’s digital world. A no. of factors like improving business profits, increasing brand’s visibility online, or increasing leads while capturing greater markets are directly dependent on this.

Traditionally, there are a no. of tools (both free and premium) are available in the marketplace to perform web audit and analysis for the users. While many of these tools are doing great while offering useful insights, somehow they proved out to be expensive.

The digital world has always kept its doors open for newcomers in the form of innovations to provide more advanced tools to ease out the work of users. This article is dedicated to “Google Lighthouse” that is proving to be a powerful addition in online world.

Google Lighthouse, an open-source auditing tool by a leading search engine makers, helps you to improvise the quality of your website in different aspects. You can run it against any kind of web page to audit its performance, accessibility, and more aspects as per your needs.

Since launch, it is becoming the fastest adopted and appreciated technical tool for developers. Let’s see below what it has got to offer you while enhancing overall website performance.

Firstly, I would like to state that Google Lighthouse is presently available in some forms only, out of which Google Chrome Browser extension is the one current version.

To access this, you can look for ‘Developer Tools’ under menu of Chrome browser by following:

view→ developer→ developer tools→ audits

Whenever you run this auditing, a report is being generated by the tool that includes the following aspects depending on which you can make your decision. Let’s delve more into it.

Accessibility and Performance

These sections of the generated report shall provide you with insights of website page loading times and its accessibility to end users.

In addition to accessing your Magento powered website, Lighthouse will also suggest you potential improvements that can be performed to fix Page load speed concerns while choosing Magento web development services or post-development process also. Some of the common and powerful tips provided by this tool are as follows.

Render-block: CSS is considered as the resource for render-blocking that allows the browsers to render the processed content.

Every time your website is visited by end users, the user-side browser sends a request to download and process the external JavaScript and CSS files. This is generally referred to as render-blocking.

In simpler terms this method makes your users wait for a certain time to see your products that they wish to purchase or add to cart etc.

And, Google Lighthouse condemn this process and suggests you to eliminate render-blocking to increase the page speed issues. Though both JavaScript and CSS are solid tools they can certainly slow down your website load times.

The core reason behind this is whenever a request is made by users’ browser the system will load all the unnecessary JavaScript and CSS files, without which the meaningful content can be displayed even. So, you need to cut down on these time-consuming trips to your server.

Minifying HTML, JavaScript, and CSS Payloads: This is another suggestion made by Lighthouse to enhance your website page load times. Minifying or shrinking or compressing these code of characters includes formatting and removing unnecessary comments, strings, and other carriage returns.

Optimizing images and extending browser caching are amongst some other powerful recommendations that Google Lighthouse will offer you to enhance the page load speed of your website.

In conclusion, page load speed is a serious aspect of today’s 4G driven generation that is used to speed and to receive services at their table in no time. So, you need to ensure fast loading websites to ensure consistent and compelling growth of your Magento web store.

For more technical surveillance of your website, you can always come to experts who hold years of hands-on experience while enhancing the web experience for end users. At last, I am hopeful that you find this reading informative and useful.