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New to Magento, Amazon Seller looking for quick overview

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  • New to Magento, Amazon Seller looking for quick overview

    New to Magento, have it up and running on my local computer. I don't have a website, nor plan to anytime soon. I am an Amazon seller looking to stick my inventory in 1 program, and expand to other platforms (ebay, sears ect.)

    I am a little confused how Magento works. My understanding is I would need to export all my Amazon products into Magento. Then link up something like m2epro to Amazon and ebay. Is there anything more I am missing?

    If anyone could give a quick data flow, work flow, installation flow anything I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Hello! You could use GoMage FeedPro extension in order to export your Magento products to other shopping platforms, such as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, etc. You may find the full list of supported systems on the extension product page:


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      You can take help from any Amazon selling software from a good company. There are so many providers there like Channel Advisor & ChannelSale. Service cost of ChannelAdvisor is a little high. ChannelSale provides the same service in a moderate rate. So, Do your research and go for a third party seller software..

      Good Luck...


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        You can take it from any google Amazon selling company, If you try Cloudways managed Magento hosting, you can get there AWS hosting and also multi store setup.