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How to configure two method in magento Fedex shipping?

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  • How to configure two method in magento Fedex shipping?

    How to add two method in fedex shipping in magento. for example all handguns must be shipped Fedex 2 day. All other products can be shipped Fedex ground. How do I accomplish this?

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    You can try to set free shipping when the total price is higher than a certain value you chosse, and then set the corresponding method for free shipping.


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      yes. that't right. Set free shipping first.


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        I am not exactly sure that this solution will work or not because i haven't tested it but you can try your luck here.
        In the phtml file where magento loads the shipping methods i think it is
        You can use your logic to filter the shipping method. If both the method is available for the product you can check whether to display the shipping method or not.You should
        1. First get the products that are ready for checkout and determine their category.I think this is how you are seperating the hand guns and other product.
        2. Now in this phml in the loop to display shipping method you should place a condition that if the product is in that category and the carrier code is (For eg:Fedex ground) than inside that if condition you echo the shipping method else echo other shipping method.

        I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain.Try it.
        Hope this will help you somehow. Magneto Developer Los Angeles