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Multiple store views not showing images

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  • Multiple store views not showing images

    I need some help. I setup my Magento store with multiple store views that were added as individual domains such as,,, etc.

    The site has worked before, but right now, the .com store loads fine, but when I try to load the OTHER store views all of the images are not loading! I checked out the source code and it's pointing to urls on the .com site such as instead of This also goes for javascript and css files too. Why are all the files hosted on the default store's domain?

    If I try to open the jpeg image from the .com site from the image url like, I get a warning about how my server does not allow hotlinking. I think this may be because of a GEO IP Redirect module I just installed, which pushes Canada traffic to the .ca site, India traffic to .in, etc.

    Still, if I change the domain of the image url to it loads fine.

    What file in Magento controls the location of the images, javascript and other files per store view? Not sure if I deleted a line of code in an important file or what has happened here? Very confused about all of it.
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    First of all, check these settings:


    Then, try to disable rewrite module that you use.
    The problem can be in the Magento settings or server settings.
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      This issue might be resolved by disabling the module that you are using.
      I would also suggest to check the store view theme settings. Make sure you have proper URL in store view settings (Configuration > Web > Secure).

      If the issue still exists then try this GeoIP Default Store View Switcher extension by FME, which lets you create multiple store views & perform auto store redirection based on the location of incoming visitors.