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    Can anyone advise how to set this up?

    I have a t-shirt in 5 different colors. Each has several sizes. I would like each color to show up on the product list page separately, but when any are clicked into, I would like them all to resolve to the same details page listing all colors and sizes like for one configurable product.

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    I think it is not possible to configure as you described and you need customization.

    But if you have not so many such T-shirts, you can create one configured product (one T-shirt that has color and size attributes). In the certain category you also create simple products: different color T-shirts. For the simple product pages you set redirect to the configured product page.

    As simple products, different color T-shirts can be displayed on the product list page and when the users click on one of them, they are redirected to the configured product page (one T-shirt which has color attributes).

    I am not sure that it is optimal solution and note that it can be a problem with duplicated content!!!

    Good luck!


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      Hi. Seem like you are having some trouble displaying configurable product. I was having the same problem with you too. After spending quite lots of time on Google then I found the tips HERE . Hope it can help you too: