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Which One is Better Platform for eCommerce: Magento vs Odoo?

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  • Which One is Better Platform for eCommerce: Magento vs Odoo?

    While Magento is the leading E-commerce development platform in the market with almost websites using Magento, Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP is a recent entrant to the ecommerce software market.

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    Hi antonio,
    According to what you said Magento is the leader. I have no doubt about odoo (open ERP) being realy good in ERP stuff, but they still have a lot to learn before reaching Magento's level.

    Despite experience only, you will also be thanksfull to a larger community in Magento, for help and also for job, when you will need some company or freelance to develop new feature, it will be easier to find some in the magento community rather than in Odoo community.
    Hope it helps


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      Magento is an open-source eCommerce software solutionMagento exists in 3 versions: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Enterprise Cloud Edition. The Community edition can be downloaded for free whereas the other two are billed annually. For this comparison, we chose to compare the Enterprise edition.


      Odoo is an open source software founded in 2004 by a student. Firstly known as OpenERP, the brand changed its focus from an ERP solution to a suite of business applications. More than 360 apps are available thanks to the multiple developments made by Odoo S.A. and its community. Some of these apps are officially validated by Odoo, whereas others developed by the community are dedicated to specific versions for specific needs.

      Odoo is available in three editions: Community, Enterprise, and Online. The Community edition can be downloaded free of charge via the Odoo website. The Enterprise edition offers more features but comes with a yearly cost. The Online offer is the equivalent of the Enterprise version but hosted in the cloud and monthly billed. For this comparison, we choose to compare the Enterprise edition.


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        Both platforms are good enough for creating online stores. The choice should depend on which one will better meet your needs. Personally, I'm a huge fan of WP, so I can recommend you to use these guidelines on how to create a website .


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          Magento is far more suitable than Odoo. It doesn't mean that Odoo is useless. Both are unique in their own ways. Generally, Odoo works best for small business according to some experts, but they also prefer Magento as a great option for start-ups. Magento contains a large amount of services that Odoo doesn't have still. Generally, Magento is good because you never know when you'll need a backup. It can be supposed for a while, if Odoo is a child then Magento is its "DAD".


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            I personally prefer using Shopify. it is a very nice and reliable platform. I would like to recommend you to use the blog from if you are interested. You will find some nice tips and themes for Shopify. Good luck with your projects, guys!


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              I personally used 3 best ecommece platform but I had to left 2, and had to stay with only 1 platform which is Magento, I am using it for a long time. You should check detailed comparison of Magento vs Shopify because if you have a small store or large you have to take a final decision which will not change in future once the store would be expanded business.


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                The advantage of Magento is that You can use its various extensions for your website. The extensions help your business by bringing together the most effective marketing options in one area
                Language translator extension for magento allows store admin to make magento multilingual store. Language switcher extension translates store content to multi languages.


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                  Magento is far more suitable than Odoo. It is the leading eCommerce framework offering reliable online store solutions for forthcoming online shopping era.