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Magento 1.x vs Magento 2.0: A Feature List Comparison

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  • Magento 1.x vs Magento 2.0: A Feature List Comparison

    Brief on Magento 2:

    Magento came up with the release of its next-gen digital commerce platform, Magento 2.0 and launched it, at MagentoLive Australia. Vice President of eCommerce Products, Paul Boisvert, spokesperson of the event, shared brief overview of the Magento Commerce portfolio, which now includes e-commerce and cloud-based Omni channel solutions. He also gave an in depth review of Magento 2.0, how it is fruitful for both merchants and developers, and a preview of potential roadmap themes.

    When should I upgrade to Magento 2?Difference between Magento 1 & Magento 2

    Reduce upgrade costs and efforts

    Magento 2 allows you to install and upgrade core software and extensions quickly and simply with lower upgrade costs and efforts. Magento 2 includes information on versioning policies, so developers can upgrade to new version easier. However, you need the support of new standalone installer to setup Magento 2.0 faster.

    Root Folder Structure

    Enhanced Performance & Scalability in Magento 2

    > Magento 2 convey speed with the extremely fast page load time for home, category and product pages( <1.5 second per page) on first view. And more rapid time when the pages will catch( <0.75 second per page)
    > Each step has checkout process designed for page tool( < 1.9 seconds per step) you can convert more sale
    > Provide smoother shopping experience by minimizing and bundling javascript, re-scaling images and by integrating Varnish cache for better site performance
    > You can go big for magento thanks to use database for order management, catalog and checkout

    What Next?

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    Thanks for your sharing


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      That's a great feature list comparison.

      1- The major improvements in Magento 2
      2- New shopper experience features
      3- Framework Improvements
      4- Quality extensions for Magento 2
      5- Quarterly platform updates
      6- User-friendly Approach
      7- Streamlined checkout
      8- Trendy Technologies
      9- Performance Enhancement

      You can have indepth look between Magento 1 and Magento 2 (