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Awesome Tool to Track Admin Actions in Magento 2 Backend

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  • Awesome Tool to Track Admin Actions in Magento 2 Backend

    Imagine you are launching a Magento 2 store and have a team of staff to manage the backend. Sometimes you will have to face unexpected issues happening on your site backend and as a store owner, you can’t find the reason to solve this. Therefore, Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension was developed to support you. This plugin tracks all events created in your Magento 2 website’s backend panel.

    Key features of Admin Action Log for Magento 2 extension:
    • Select objects to log actions related to
    • Display all admin actions on a grid table

    • Enable a detail page for each action log
    • Easily track every admin login
    • Record and show page visit history of each admin session
    • Be able to revert some specific unexpected actions

    • Keep track present session in the admin panel
    • Set duration time to clear all loggings

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    There is another plugin available to manage Magento 2 Store from the backend of your mobile. It is possible to keep a track of order details, notifications, track order fulfilment and do much more with the help of our smart Magento 2 store mobile application. Magento admin manager provides notification to the store merchant when new order is placed with every detail.

    It is a user-friendly plugin for Magento store admin which gives you a detailed view of order list, details of products listed and other information. You will also find a customized dashboard having visual and textual description of total order.
    Manage your Magento 2 store backend from mobile with MageMob Admin extension & mobile app package. Manage products, check order details, track order fulfilment - all from your mobile app!