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Must-have Extensions for Magento 2 Community Sites

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  • Must-have Extensions for Magento 2 Community Sites

    As you know, Magento 2 Community Edition is different from the Enterprise Edition because of lacking advanced functionalities. However, the CE users totally can experience the premium of Magento 2 by using extensions with the smaller cost than the license cost for EE. Here are some essential module that were specially developed for Magento 2 Community sites:

    1, Store Credit for Magento 2

    Magento 2 Store Credit extension allows you to apply a virtual account called store credit to your customers to bring many features for both sellers and customers:


    2. Admin Action Log for Magento 2

    This is a backend tracking tool that helps you keep track all the things taken place in the website admin panel. The module allows you to:
    • Select objects to log actions related to
    • Display all admin actions on a grid table
    • Enable a detail page for each action log
    • Be able to revert some specific incorrect actions
    • Easily track every admin login and page visit history
    • Keep track present session in the admin panel
    • Set duration time to clear all loggings


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    Useful list of magento extensions. Here are some Magento 2 Extensions that have been providing a lot of value to the ecommerce store owners all over the world.

    1.MageMob 2 Admin
    MageMob Admin by Appjetty, is a Magento Store Manager Mobile Application that helps you to manage your Magento Store backend from your mobile. Now you can manage orders, get customer details and sales reports, manage customer reviews, get notifications of important events do much more using Magento admin app.

    2. MageMob 2 Inventory

    MageMob Inventory is the combination of Magento Inventory Management Extension and Android & iOS based Mobile App that helps you manage your store inventory from your mobile phone and tablet. Magento Inventory Management extension simplifies inventory management system and ensures there are no stock outs or unwanted order cancellations.

    3.StarTrack Shipping
    Yet another shipping extension for Australian Ecommerce Store owners! StarTrack Shipping for Magento 2 fetches live shipping rates from StarTrack websites. Which means, merchants do not need to worry about updating the rates or revising them if/when they change on the official website. This brings in a lot of convenience for the customers who are planning to for shipping services from StarTrack.

    4. Easy Site Maintenance
    Create and display a custom “Maintenance Mode” page easily with Easy Site Maintenance Extension. By using Easy Site Maintenance for Magento 2 extension, you can put your store under maintenance mode with different configuration options.


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      The following extensions will improve product performance and boost your customer retention rate:
      1. Dynamic Product Options for Magento 2 is an advanced custom options extension that supports dependent custom options, templates, color swatches, tier prices for options and much more.
      2. Grouped Promotions extension for Magento 2 allows to create fixed promo sets and apply various bundle discounts.
      3. The Product Questions and Answers extension for Magento 2 allows customers and guests ask questions and leave answers directly on the product page.
      4. Automatic Related, Upsells, Cross-sells extension for Magento 2 adds related products, upsells and cross-sells automatically and suggests products of higher prices.


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        To increase revenue in your Magento store you can try out these 3 extensions here:
        Most Viewed & Sold Product Count - Magento 2 Extension: It's the easiest way to hold a good impression of product in the customer’s mind. It will show the people who are viewing your products and most sold products.
        Best Deals – Special Products with Countdown – Magento 2 Extension: This extension helps to showcase your special products with a countdown features.
        Product Reviews - Magento 2 Extension: It increase the popularity of your store by showing numbers of people talk about your products.
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          For Magento 2 Community store the beneficial products are mentioned below with features:

          1) Magento 2 Canonical URLs extension empowers you to remove content duplication issue, add or override canonical tags on various pages of your eCommerce website. Moreover, it beautifies the URL and makes it human understandable. The addition of tags applies to products, categories, and CMS pages to remove the issue of duplicate content from your web shop. You can either add or crop a trailing slash to make all the URLs SEO-friendly. You can configure the addition of canonical meta tags to a storefront, store view, or a custom URL as well. Show the relation between category and catalog pages by adding rel="next" and rel="prev" attributes. Add pages to the exclusion section and the Magento canonical tags extension will overrule canonicalization for them. Easy to enable or disable canonicalization on any page the admin of the website wants.

          2) Magento 2 maintenance mode and coming soon page extension helps you to set up a coming soon and maintenance page on your eCommerce website. Customers waiting for new arrivals can be informed using coming soon page. By activating maintenance mode user will be unable to visit the site under temporary maintenance. On the basis of IP addresses, access to specific features can be granted to white listed users. Moreover, you can add and remove media, customize text and labels, set launch date and time and define site restrictions.


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            Now a days for Magento 2 Community Store Product Size chart Extension and Responsive Email Template are must have products. Below are the links for the products, most amazingly they offer free lifetime support and upgrades.

            - Magento 2 Size Chart extension gives you the freedom to create and customize an unlimited number of Size Charts for the catalog.
            For more Details and Demo:

            - Magento 2 email Templates helps you customize email pages to improve communication. It provides 3 user-friendly themes and mobiles responsiveness. Also, it enhances the content readability on the e-mail page irrespective of the screen size.
            For more Details and Demo:
            Magento 2 Size Chart Extension allows you to display product size guide so that customers can select and order the desired size product. Customize charts size & font color, upload image and choose the size guide to display in a popup or in a separate tab.