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A Product Feed Manager For Magento

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  • A Product Feed Manager For Magento

    Most businesses tend to hit their stumbling block while trying to set up their merchandise in online stores in that uploading of feeds to the site for their products to be visible becomes a daunting task. In the quest for a solution to this problem, many people find themselves lost and confused. In light of this, GoMage has introduced GoMage Feed Pro, a Magento extension that allows easy and more streamlined submission of content online. With the extension, the challenge of submitting product information to shopping search engines like Google, Amazon Ads, eBay, Facebook, Shopzilla is eliminated. The products from the online store can therefore be made available in various regions with massive markets with a few simple clicks.

    Efficiency in any business processes is determined by how streamlined the business is, and this determines the overall success. Being able to get past the management issues of the store result in more time allocation towards focusing on return of investment, sale increase and revenue generation. GoMage Feed Pro plays a major role by ensuring that there is value for the submitted product in that it caters for all the fields that are necessary for the marketing of the products and create appeal. Some of the fields that form the best account for a product include; a full description of the product, a photo and a permanent link to the purchase site.

    For those who need to update more than a few products, GoMage Feed Pro is the right way to take their business to the next level with its support for unlimited submissions. The new version of extension also supports multiple feeds to multiple shopping search engines and this ensures that the uploading time is short and effective. For the different supported search engines, this version also allows customisation of a single feed to suit all of them. The design of this version makes it possible for photo customisation, while also offering support for headers and filters.

    Some of the important elements of extension that make it a worthy upgrade and substantial beginning include; the ability to filter products by type and make changes to images already uploaded. There is also support for using character limits for descriptions and names, the convenience of using headers for Amazon and other search services. These features are vital in distinctive ways, with the ability to resize images coming in handy where product feeds have limitations. Working with character limits also helps in better descriptions by avoiding cut-offs and the filtering function helps in easier search according to type instead of brands therefore more hits on site.

    The extension has been received positively by those who have tried it and the most praise has gone to its improvements. Some of the major features that bring to the market include, ease of installation and better performance. There is also provision of adequate support from the associated team and these have bore positive comments from over 90% of the users who have tried it.

    The full list of the supported shopping search engines can be found at

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