Navigation Menu is just like a Compass.
It shows the direction, and your visitors follow.
It’s never a wise choice sailing a boat on the sea without excellent navigation. Anyone wants to be lost in the sea? I doubt it. You’ll not lose your life without website navigation, but your business does. Ease of navigation is the key to keep visitors stay longer on your pages as they can easily find what they’re looking for. And, better user experience, more sales, greater profits. If you’re about to start your journey, let’s try to create a simple one. These 4 clean & simple examples will inspire you.


This one is more than fabulous. Who does not love a simple and direct menu like this?


Another elegant one. Your website menu does not need to be colorful to get attention.


Visitors will easily find what they need with this type of menu. Just be simple and wisely choose color tone that perfectly match your webpage design.


This is a brilliant way of showing your promotion on menu. A whole-image drop down menu with perfect color selection really impress visitors at first place.
What about the solution?

You can check it out Mega Menu from Magestore to optimize your navigation menu right now!