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GoMage New Year’s Gift for the customers: Product Designer

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  • GoMage New Year’s Gift for the customers: Product Designer

    If you have an apparel, mobile devices, mugs, caps store or so on, you will be impressed with a new GoMage extension for Magento platform:

    Attract New Customers with GoMage Product Designer
    Impress your customers with the new ability at your store. Let them to customize apparel, mobile devices, mugs, caps, cups and more...

    GoMage Product Designer is a dream that has come true!

    Extend the abilities of your Magento store.
    Allow your customers choosing (to customize) the desired things and create their own design.

    Provide your customers with the opportunity to express their ideas on the things they want to buy and the purchases will drastically rise.
    You need to get much more benefit and you do it with Product Designer suggesting:
    • Create a design using cliparts, images and shapes;
    • Add a text with lots of effects such as outline and shadow;
    • Upload your own images and cliparts;
    • Choose a product which you want to customize directly in design lab;
    • Choose a color and size of the product directly in design lab;
    • And more other features which will hold a customer in your Magento store.
    If you want to add any functional or create any other features, you can do the customization based on our Product Designer extension and customize it to your needs. Our Magento design software is created for it and the code is not encrypted. Moreover, it is developed based on the newest cutting edge technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

    You are welcome to test GoMage Product Designer on our demo site: