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  • Using social networks with benefit

    Our modern world consists of World Wide Web, which takes away a half of our life. Spending time in the social networks is the main problem of the majority of the population. You don’t notice how it shorts your spare time, which you can spend with your family or doing something useful. People are there always: at work, at home, at spare time.

    Yes, it absorbs you completely and irrevocably. Is there any benefit from it? GoMage has discovered and found out a terribly useful solution how to turn out this into your benefit.
    The data, which you enter while the registration process in the social network, can be used for your purchase and you will not waste your time entering it again.

    How does it work? Easily and fast!

    If you are a customer and you are on the checkout page, you should only push the appropriate button with a logo of Facebook, LinkedIn or Google and all the data will be entered in the necessary fields.

    If you are a merchant, you will have a question: How can it be possible?! I don’t have this button on my checkout page! Please, don’t worry, because you will get it. Read carefully the information about GoMage Social Connector:

    It is GoMage free of charge extension, which does the most useful function and fills in the necessary registration fields, taking the information from the social networks.
    Enjoy your social network account - enjoy Social Connector by GoMage!

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    I know quite a few similar extensions, they are quite useful, the only disadvantages is it doesn't support IE and no customer support, but you go right direction!


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      The biggest benefits of offering social login is to make it easy for consumers to register on a website. Site visitors can also share content with their social network. One such Social Login extension is developed by FME for Magento platform. Using this extension, customers can login/register with their social profiles.
      Supported Social Network Profiles:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google +
      • Yahoo
      Details here: