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What criteria should be taken into account while choosing hosting service?

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  • What criteria should be taken into account while choosing hosting service?

    Having decided to start your eCommerce business, the first need you will face to is hosting. Hosting service is the most important thing in the prosperity of your business. Don’t look for cheap ways. Hosting service should have significant criteria in order to be chosen for your website. Moreover, you should pay attention to Magento requirements, which need to be taken into account in order to be on top with this service.
    You should be aware that your server meets the base Magento requirements.

    Please, use this URL in order to get to know more about them:
    While choosing the appropriate server you need to be sure in the Reliability, Safety and Speed of this server. Magento platform takes many resources and also don’t forget about additional extensions, for example, FeedPro extension by GoMage, which needs the necessary memory limit in order to make the generation successfully, especially if you have a huge amount of products. You should consider each of the criteria, because the prosperity of your Magento store and your eCommerce business depends on it.

    The powerful server should have 24/7 support. It provides your site with Safety. None of us wants to open the site and get to know that it is down. Your sales depend on it directly.

    Magento platform is a complicated thing and the next important item in the Magento hosting is Reliability. You should feel that everything is under the control and the hosting team is ready to help you 24/7 a week.

    The Speed of the store work is very important too, because it would be uncomfortable for your customers to wait for the product page opening for ages.

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    I've found a helpful article about Magento hosting, although there're some missing points but it's worth referring
    Currently I'm running SiteGround Vps magento hosting for my Fashion store, there're about 5000 monthly visitors and the hosting works perfectly as it's optimized for magento source code. Their support staff are help
    ​This review also helpful
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      If you are looking for shared Magento Hosting then i would suggest you to go with as they are #1 and good hosting provider with data center in USA, UK, Australia

      Dave Lousi


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        As there are number of Indian web hosting service providers who provide complete solution of web hosting services and will help you to register domain name India, but for that to happen, you ought to have the right in name becomes more effective when it is relevant your website or business, RegisterWebsiteDomain are able to relate to it more and they will easily be directed to the website. For example, whenever people think of a website, they will know what to type in as the URL, so when users type in the URL and visit your website, it also has an effect on your net sales and betters chances.


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          Before starting your business and before choosing web hosting service you need to first look out for the best hosting service in market available . there are few websites which have already done a lot of research work on hosting prices available on market . i usually prefer for all the hosting related suggestions .
          You can compare different best web hosting price here. It is the page where all lowest web hosting price companies are listed along with different best cheap web hosting packages. Here hosting compare prices done easily and check for the hosting price list.


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            I believe your question is the big one that many magento store owners are searching for an answer to. I searched this topic and find a helpful article
            I hope that this is going to help you.


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              The complete business promotion will be depend upon the website. SO, We should take care it very important. Most of them are chosen the best web hosting service for creating their business websites.

              DDoS Protected VPS


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                Here's an article that helped me decide which hosting service to go with... Hope it helps!

                Dedicated servers allow businesses to outsource IT infrastructure and re-allocate in-house resources to initiatives which offer greater profit advantage.


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                  Thanks a lot for the suggestions here, they are really helpful. I've chosen the Finestshops hosting. I heard a lot of positive feedback, and my friend uses it's service. I guess, it is worth it