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Migration issue (defaultwebpage.cgi)

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  • Migration issue (defaultwebpage.cgi)

    Recently I have moved my site from godaddy to . I read about it quit allot before engaging the move. after doing every thing including:
    1-backup db and import in new server
    2-copy all the files to the new server
    3-changing 'core_config_data' and 'local.xml'
    4- deleting old cache from temp, session and cache

    I still get the annoying '/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi' page.

    even when i log from my temporary ip url - same page!

    at the middle of the project (after coping all the files and db) i went in to the site and saw that i had an error with the database, i went to 'local.xml' and fixed a typing error in 'host' (i changed it from '' back to 'localhost'). since that moment i keep getting redirected to the mentioned page.
    Im having a lot of grey hair growing, trying to figure this thing out. any ideas?

    thanks allot for any tip!

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    Please provide a screenshot of the error and make sure that browser address bar is visible on the screenshot. Please also clarify whether you use any kind of a control panel on your new hosting server.

    You may also contact your hosting provider support team regarding this issue, since the server administrators may be able to advise what is causing the issue. It can be related to the peculiarities of their server configuration.


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      If you are importing or exporting data or products then you might be having this issue in source code, You may share the screenshot or get me the details then It will be understand, Or you can get help through the listed Magento Import & export extensions here:
      Perfect import and export extension for Magento 2 is hard to find. Follow this post find & more about the Improved Import & Export extension by Firebear.