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Why should you optimize your Magento website images?

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  • Why should you optimize your Magento website images?

    Most of the Magento users face the speed related and image quality related problems. Magento provides default image optimization features but it degrades the quality of images. Let's understand first why should one optimize its Magento store images?

    Image optimization doesn't only provide optimization benefits. It also drives many secondary benefits which are significant to improve conversions and engagement.

    On an average, images constitute 65% of weight on a website page. People also love interacting with visuals rather than plain text. So, it's important to deliver optimized images to your users. The most important and known benefit of optimizing images is improved page load speed. As images contribute a major fraction to the page weight, so by optimizing images you can improve your website's page load speed.

    Other benefits are related to SEO ranking. If you have a faster website, there are enough chances of improving your SEO ranking. Because page load speed is one of the SEO ranking factors. Users also love faster websites. According to Kissmetrics, a 1-second delay in page load result in 7% loss in the conversions. If users have to wait for your page to load, then there are higher chances that those users will abandon your page. On the whole, image optimization is important not only for your website but also to provide a great user experience. Here is a detailed blog that I'll recommend you to read: importance of image optimization(please find the attached link)

    Many Magento users complain of slow websites and often ask about how to speed up a Magento store. There are many ways to do so like enabling cache, enabling flat catalog, clearing Magento logs, etc. Also, to speed up Magento store, one should consider optimizing images. Here is a reference guide that I'd recommend to optimize images on a Magento website:

    Hope this information helps everyone!
    Image Optimization is delivering the high-quality images in the right format, dimension, size, and resolution while keeping the smallest possible size.
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