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Magentu Menu and indexing problem

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  • Magentu Menu and indexing problem

    Hello, this is my firts time posting a thread here. I will love if you guys can help me out.

    The problem I currently have with magento is that I wan to show the same product in two different stores (same backpanel), a multistore (if that helps). Multistores are created correclty, but when I want to show the menu for the second store It takes me back to the 1st store (the main store.

    geveysim .net/ Oomaloo/

    geveysim .net/ Oomaloo/wholesale/

    whenever you click on any part of the menu on wholesale (2nd store) It will take you back to the first store. I need this store (wholesale) to show its own menu, I have created the prodcut and gave them different prices for each store but the keep showing the same price even if you manually input the url like:

    For some reason the price index is not updating on my sql database so that's the other problem.

    I really hope you can help me. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME. I'll buy the beers (or coffee) for the wnner answer hehe.

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    It seems that some third party extension influences on the stores incorrect work or you have configured something incorrectly. We advise you to contact us and we will help you: support [at]


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      I emailed you already about this


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        I recently found the solution after special effort finding. I think this will help you, too. So I want to recommend it to you.
        I've wondered how to set different prices for the same products in each store view: in English store view - 1 price, in France (euro) - 1 price, and in Japan - 1 separate price for the same product for each store of mine.
        I've found so many times but I couldn't find it until recently when I visited Magento Connect then I found the extension. The prices are independently separated. And I can modify the prices in each store, not just in the whole system.
        This extension has the ability to set different special prices in each store view of each store. Sometimes, I use it for my promotion occasions, which is convenient for me not to install some other extensions for local promotion.
        It's also totally safe, it's just like a software when installing in my pc, there're no changes in the core system. The extension doesn't interfere in the databases.

        Add BSS Multistore Pricing Extension to your online store for more incredible features! Lifetime Support and Lifetime Update!


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          Thanks for share such nice information.
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            Hi guys,

            If you are wondering and hesitate upgrading your site to magento 2 because of the different store view pricing trouble, you now can do it thank to the extension version for magento 2.
            Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2by BSSCommerce is officially released to download.

            The default drawback of Magento 2 will be solved by Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2, so your easy pricing configuration for each store view could come back to your site.

            Check it out

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              Yes better you upgrade magento version 2 ..i had this issue before .Now i have upgraded and this issue is solved..Hope you get my points..