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Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension

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  • Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension

    FME Extensions is up with premium Magento 2 Add Customer Attribute Extension, this extension meets complete Magento 2 standards and is 100% open source. Free lifetime support and upgrades makes it worth buying.

    Let your customers experience user-friendly registration process, by helping them input data using advanced input attributes. Using this extension you can add custom attributes which are capable of accepting data in 10 different forms and formats. Active / Inactive attributes based on conditions. Assign custom titles and set default of these attributes from admin panel. You can define the appearance order of these custom attributes in the form as well. Apart from all this you can validate these input fields in 6 different ways. You are free to show to OR hide these input attributes on sign-up page. Moreover, you can mark them as mandatory OR optional. As per need you can hide specific attributes from specific group of users using this Magento 2 add customer attribute. Let your users view and update the data provided by them during registration.
    • You can create custom attributes to intake 10 different types of data like:
      • Text Field
      • Text Area
      • File Upload
      • Image Upload
      • Date
      • Drop-down
      • Multiple Select
      • Yes/No
      • Radio
      • Check Boxes
    • You can validate input attributes in following 6 ways:
      • Email
      • Decimal Numbers
      • Integers
      • Alphanumeric
      • Letters
      • URL

    Key Features
    • Add custom attributes to registration page
    • Add custom title with each attribute
    • Make the attributes mandatory OR optional
    • Set default custom attribute value
    • Restrict additional attributes by customer groups
    • Enable on front-end
    • Show fields on Accounts page, Registration form or both
    • Position the custom attributes on registration page
    • Show or Hide fields after acquiring information
    • Allow users to edit field data after answering it
    • Free lifetime upgrades and support.

    For More Details and Demo -
    Add custom registration fields to user sign-up form & accounts page with Magento 2 customer fields extension. Supports 10 types of fields like Text field, Checkbox, Radio, Image upload, Date, etc.