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Configuring Magneto to new Domain.

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  • Configuring Magneto to new Domain.

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to change my magneto with new domain
    In my c Panel>phpMyAdmin i selected left column menu and clicked on core_config_data and i edited first 2 fields by clicking brows tab.
    i cleared my magneto cache too.
    But still am not abeling to configure to new domain. I don't know where am going wrong. Please suggest me.

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    In most of the cases, if you change the security and unsecurity Urls in core_config_data it should work without any problems. However, if you have multiple store configured, you should check if you need to change the links in index.php, Also, links in core_config_data can be registered not only in 2 places. You can set them for static media, skins and for js. You need to search in your core_config_data table carefully. Finally, there is a rewrite table where the certain rewrites can be indicated. (but there is not so high probability).

    Also, clean the browser cache and be sure the that your domain is set correctly.

    If this doesn’t help, you need to seek professional help.


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      Dear Kevin! Thank you for the answer!
      Hariandro, the GoMage team is ready to assist you, if necessary.