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Who bought the "Ebay Stealth" book and what did you think of it?

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  • Who bought the "Ebay Stealth" book and what did you think of it?

    (I bought it yesterday, and my evaluation of it is below...)

    I have always been afraid of anything "ebook" assuming that it's a scam or marketing thing... or that they are worthless instruments like recipies, pictures, or paperclips used in penny auctions for feedback.

    But after years of trial-and-error of Ebay accounts (and I've learned, lost, and listed an incredible amount over the years) I consider myself having a master's degree in Ebay BS, and bought the book just to see if there are any little tricks I might have overlooked. (When you spend an average cost/waste of $5 everytime you buy a prepaid card, or $35/6mo for a PO Box (or $100 for the year as some PO's have a minimum, which I just paid) then $30something for a comprehensive list of "tricks" is nothing.

    Let me say if you're thinking about buying an Ebay account or starting a second one or are going to make a few to set aside for a "rainy day" then don't even bother until you've read the "eBay Stealth" book. It's almost 50 pages, very well done, and not at all the same thing as the ebooks in Ebay penny auctions. There are no sales add-ons like 200 pages of "wholesale sources" at the end, etc.......

    I've seen the ads in my Google searches for the longest of time, but assumed there were so many versions that people bought and sold again so I never bothered. I bought it on a whim 2 days ago (after becoming a member of this site) and HIGHLY recommend it, as there were several things that even I didnt know.

    It reads like a ".... for Dummies" book in the way that if you dont understand something all you have to do is go back and read it slowly and you will get it.

    100% NOT clipped and pasted from somewhere else, 100% professional and there are no hidden aggendas for offering it (like other links and downloads inside the book for other products). SOLID info, well organized and I learned a lot from it, even with my years of experience.

    The only down sides that I can think of was that 1) you can't pay for it with Paypal (which I wouldn't anyways, obvious reasons) so you have to have a credit card handy and 2) if it would have said $37 next to the ad I would have bought it a long time ago, at least out of curiosity. Anyone who's either bought an established account or bought a ton of junk for the sake of feedbacks on an account they started themselves knows that a few $100 is not bad, and that $37 is NOTHING when it comes to a secure Ebay account. Sure there are the 5 or 10 things that are common sense, or that you can learn from reading on the internet, but there are a LOT of things that I didnt know. Things I didnt realize DONT matter, and things that DO.

    Anyway, I wrote all that just so that anyone else on the fence knows that the book is both CHEAP and what I'd consider the BEST. Dont even BOTHER to start or buy another account before breezing through it.

    I'm sure a lot of other buyers of the book would agree, if just given a place to say so. This website is very informative and great for new thoughts and discussion, but the book is the BEST. DEFINITELY the place to start.

    Anyone else bought it?

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    I haven't bought, but did subscribe to get the mini version. Very good information which you can find on his homepage:

    There is tons of stealth guides apparently that are similarly priced at $35. I just couldn't come to gripes paying for that amount.
    I just use the stealth mini guide and this one for reference:

    I also browse through their forums as most information from those books pretty much come from there.