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    I had to go through a couple of freelance marketplaces recently in search of a specific Magento service. In the end I found what I was looking for, but the process was tedious and time consuming. In large, because of the freelancers that were bidding on the job and they way they presented themselves.

    So I decided to create a short list of tips that might help Magento freelancers get more jobs on Upwork, Freelance and other marketplaces:
    - Read the instructions. There were so many people blindly bidding on projects. This is obvious when they send in pre-made messages that don't contain responses to any of the questions or issues raised in the original project bidding.
    - Provide some context. If you're bidding with just - "Hi. I'm a professional. I can do this job", then you're automatically excluded from the list of potential candidates.
    - Cut to the chase. It's great that you have lots of skills, but it's important to list only those that are relevant to the project. If I want a Magento store, I don't need to know that you're also good with PrestaShop.

    This is just the basic stuff. We'll be a doing a detailed and informative post on our blog. It is linked below. So stay tuned for more details.

    Do YOU have specific tips for other Magento freelancers looking for a project? Feel free to share them below!
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