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To start or not to start your own business

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  • To start or not to start your own business

    Often and often children write the compositions in their schools on the topic “If I were a millionaire, I would…” Everybody dreams of his/her own business and unlimited account in the bank. But what do we do to reach it and make our dream true? NOTHING. Stop thinking of it! Just do it!

    Don’t think that it is really easy to launch your new branch of business and make it prosperous. You can even become bankrupt and lose everything. And it is the first fear of our people. They do no actions; they just imagine and give up. You should not think of the bad things at the beginning of your deal, you should go ahead with enthusiasm and diligence.
    But where should you take these features?! Of course, if you are going to do the things that you don’t like, but have to do, it will not give you any pleasure. You should start your business with selling, for example, those things, from which you lose your head, because you are absorbed by them.

    The first tip is to decide what to sell.

    Also, don’t choose the cheapest items to sell. Cheapness doesn’t mean quality. Good quality means long period of use and it leads the demand for your goods. If you use the best products, it will increase your sales and it can be showed on the examples of GoMage extensions. Good quality – increasing online sales.

    So, the second tip is to decide where you get the products to sell.

    Then you will face another issue. The third tip is to decide where you can sell your products. If you have online store, you are on the top, because there are a lot number of shopping engines, for example, as eBay, Amazon, Google and so on. You can export your products there to the necessary category. It can be easily done using amazing and easy GoMage extension called FeedPro extension, and you will have nothing to do, but just enjoy your leisure time watching the sales in your store.

    You can follow some useful business guides how to start everything, but we have provided you with three important moments, which should be resolved at the beginning of your difficult way to become a millionaire.
    Generate unlimited numbers of magento feed and send your product information by using GoMage Feed Pro to Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Store etc.

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    Great....Thanks for sharing your expert opinion on Start ups and what a start up professional need to see before implementing its policies. Nice to learn about it being a beginner in Magento. Surely proves helpful later on when I try to setup mu own e-commerce store. Thanks a lot.


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      The information which you shared about the start up new business was really worthy. It will be more helpful for many of the beginners to get a basic idea about what business we should need to start up and get quick sales increase.

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        Hi the business is used in all peoples but the culture trends is online products are sales in the high quality so
        useful products and user need for this trend.


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          Really great tips, Most of the people think while starting business that they needs a good money to invest in Business, but you prove it wrong, business begin from great idea, or and a smart work.


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            I would definitely add that before your start selling anything, you should research the potential market for your product. Many of the ideas fail, because people think that their business model is great, but in the end it turns out that there's no demand for the product or service that they offer.

            This is really important and could prevent you from wasting your time.

            How can you validate a business idea? There are tons of approaches, but you can start with the simplest one - go online, for example to reddit and find a relevant to your product community. Ask, if they'll be willing to buy the product from you.

            There was a great phrase from yesterday's MagentoLive UK - "If you're business idea is perfect - then it's already late". It means that, if you had no problems with implementing idea, then it was probably already done by somebody esle before you and that's why you have all of the necessary tool to implement it.


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              Great article. E-commerce websites should really focus on building trust in audiences. Three very important things are there i.e what to sell, where to sell and whom to sell these three things are very important. This post provides some ways to achieve this..


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                Yes, it's a controvercial question. However, I admire adventures, so it's always better to do something, than to consider it all your life. If you ask – ‘accounting is important for business?’ – I answer that you know nothing about business! Accounting is the main part in the business and generally speaking - money likes the count and exact manner. I’m experienced businessman and know lots of niceties of financial stability. From my part I want to advise to everybody the best option for me - That's how I got my first good money and I want to move forward. Good luck to all of you!
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                  This depends upon in which position you are currently and what you can afford or not.If you have store already which is running than it is is easy to become sell it online.If you are going to gain first experience than it may be difficult for you.


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