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Top 5 Magento Product Designer Extensions To Increase Sales

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  • Top 5 Magento Product Designer Extensions To Increase Sales

    eCommerce stores continuously strive to implement innovative features in their online store that help them attract more buyers and help them differentiate themselves from the competition. In this respect, giving customers the ability to customize their products is a great way to provide value and attract more business. In an era of increasingly personalized solutions, there is no reason why ecommerce should be left behind.

    1. Brush Your Ideas

    Brush Your Ideas from Biztech is one of the leading Magento custom product designer tools available in the market. It is an advanced tool to design T-Shirts, mugs, covers/cases of mobile and laptop, business cards, greeting cards, posters, etc. You can add any graphics on your product with masking & text effects, creative templates, cliparts, images and many other features.

    2. GoMage Product Designer

    With GoMage Product Designer from GoMage is another product design tools with similar features like Brush Your Ideas and 6 month free support and 12 month free upgrades. GoMage Product Designer allows uploading of your own images and clipart along with texts.

    3. inkXE

    inkXE is one of the most feature rich Magento product designer tools available in the market but comes at a premium price of $1999. They also have a monthly pricing option for $199. Product installation from the inkXE team is also chargable at $500.

    4. Product Designer Canvas

    Full of features like any good product designer should, Product Designer Canvas offers text, clipart and images customization, photo upload, social sharing and many other features. It comes in four pricing packages - Standard, Pro, Enterprise and X3, with the price ranging from $399 - $1099.

    5. Products Designer Pro

    Product Designer Pro is not as feature rich as other extensions in this list and the product website and demo experience also is not upto the mark. PDP also comes in 3 pricing packages - the full suite “Enterprise” version costing $899. The base version PDP “Standard” comes for $399.

    Brush Your Ideas is a leading HTML5 based online product design solution for the web to print industry consisting of Magento & Magento 2 extensions & storefront
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