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How a Store Locator Can Help a Multi-Store Online Business

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  • How a Store Locator Can Help a Multi-Store Online Business

    If you are a store owner with multiple physical stores, you can benefit from a multi-store locator extension like our Magento 2 Store Locator.

    You can configure multiple stores in the store locator and display them on your retail site. Customers can locate and select a store of their choice for product pick-up.

    Highlight Features of Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension

    Our Store Locator and Pickup Extension enables your customers to locate stores easily and pick up products with ease. Following are a few highlight features of this store locator extension.

    > Easy Product Assignment to Stores

    Integrating the store locator with your website enables you to create multiple stores. You can also easily assign multiple products to these stores. Moreover, it also lets you display all your stores on the checkout page for customers to pick from.

    > Configure Business Hours and Non-Business Hours

    The admin can configure off-days in the backend to enhance transparency for customers during checkout. You can mark holidays, week-off, special occasions or festivals, etc. You can also specify your working hours and non-working hours to communicate your availability better.

    > Curbside Pickup

    With curbside pickup, you can make shopping easier for customers. You can enable them to select the date and time for delivery of products to their truck/car on the checkout page. This option eliminates the hassle of parking in crowded places and makes their shopping experience more engaging and convenient.