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How you can change language in magento?

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  • How you can change language in magento?

    To change magento store language please do following steps:
    • install original translation from magento connect. All available translations can be found here
    • create app/design/frontend/default/shopper/locale/[your_locale]/
    • copy app/design/frontend/default/shopper/locale/en_US/translate.csv to new locale folder and translate it
    • switch store locale to your new language in System--> Configuration --> General
    • refresh cache ( System --> Cache management )

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    1. In your Magento admin go to System > Manage Stores​
    2. Click on Main Website Store under the Store Name (if there are several ones, click any of them)
    3. Click Save Store.
    4. Now every time you are opening the your site, it’s going to be in the language you selected.
    5. You can change the default language for the backend by going to System -> Configuration -> General -> Locale options.
    6. On the next page under Store Information select a different language in the Default Store View drop-down list.


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      Thanks Commercepundit, It will help to many people who are facing this problem.


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        To change the language settings, either you can use Magento inline translate functionality or you can integrate an extension like Magento 2 Language Translator.

        For inline translation, you would need to install original translation files and then copy them in the Magento defined folder. After all these efforts, it may or may not work effectively.

        Alternatively, you can integrate a Magento 2 language switcher. It would provide you with features such as:
        • Multi-language store translation
        • Translation detail page with status and mode
        • Database search and translate
        • WYSIWYG editor
        • Mass translate
        • Import/export external files
        For a live demo, click Magento 2 Language Translator.


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          I suggest you another way to translate languages in Magento 2: