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Why choose Magento over Shopify for your eCommerce business?

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  • Why choose Magento over Shopify for your eCommerce business?

    Today Magento and Shopify are the leading platforms to develop online stores. You have to decide which one to use. As it is a major decision you need to know which is better for your purpose. We look at reasons why you should use Magento instead of Shopify for your eCommerce business.

    Large Magento community – Compared to Shopify Magento has a larger developer community. So, if you get stuck at some point in using Magento you can approach the large Magento community to help you out. Chances are that somebody has already come up with a solution for your problem. Even if it is a fresh problem it will be solved efficiently in minimum time. The community consists of skilled and experienced Magento developers ready to help you build as well as maintain Magento stores. The Magento forum is huge in terms of size and eager to help out newbies.

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    Big Brands Trust Magento for their eCommerce Operations
    Magento has Better Pricing Options
    Magento Provides Unlimited Features and Functionalities
    Magento Provides Better Customer Experience
    Magento is Highly Scalable


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      Besides enjoying the usual shopping cart capabilities, an instant checkout page of Magento speeds up the checkout process. This allows the shoppers to check out from the product page itself easily.