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How To Improve Magento 2 Security

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  • How To Improve Magento 2 Security

    If you have a Magento 2 based e-commerce store these tips and tricks are very important for you. We tried to make it very easy to understand. Read More Here:

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    Captcha and Encryption Key are two ways by which you can easily improve the security of your Magento 2 store. Captcha is known as a visual security check which ensures that a human being is interacting with the website rather than a computer bot. It has some code that a user has to enter whenever it is required.


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      You can install free Magento security extension for your Magento store to improve security: feature list

      • Able to enable/disable Security module
      • Automatic warning email
      • Restrict the number of failed login attempts
      • Restrict the time session of failed login attempts
      • Default settings for failed login attempts and allowed duration
      • Blacklist(s) IP to block IP address(es)
      • Whitelist(s) IP to allow IP address(es)
      • Able to apply actions to an IP, multiple IPs or range of IP address.
      • Login logs with login detail (ID, Time, User name, IP, Browser Agent, Url and Status)
      • The most 5 recent logins at the Dashboard
      • Security checklist
      • The last time login of a particular admin.
      • Action log details
      • File changed reports
      Mageplaza Security for Magento 2 is a perfect security solution for online stores built based on Magento platform. The module helps prevent break-in attempts to your store from hackers. Thanks to an effective warning system, your valued information will be completely protected