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Amazon and several steps of its configuration

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  • Amazon and several steps of its configuration

    Having gained a lot of experience in the feed file configuration for Amazon shopping engine, we would like to share our knowledge with you.

    First of all, it should be said that Amazon is a very capricious and difficult in the configuration system. A person, who is trying to configure the feed file for Amazon, faces the problem of the template choice for the topics of his/her site. The quantity of the fields in such a template is fluctuating from 100 to 200 values, in addition to this, only 20-30 of them can be really filled in and it makes the configuration more difficult, in our opinion. In order to configure the template with 100 positions you need to create and map the concrete attribute for every product in the majority of the cases or use it for the appropriate field in the template. If a merchant has several thousands of products, then the appropriate template configuration according to all the requirements will take him a lot of time.

    The most widespread issue while exporting the configured feed file to the Amazon shopping engine is the template error. In this case Amazon technical support doesn’t describe accurately the solution moment or the reason of the problem appearing, the only Amazon explanation is to download and configure the template for your category again. The reason of this issue can be that you have indicated the incorrect template header while configuration or have not indicated it at all. Please, remember, that the template header is located in the section Art and Craft Template and it should be set up before all the products and reflected by tab.

    Also, is the template error appears, we advise you to check whether the entered fields in the template header match the fields in the template.
    If you configure the template correctly and Amazon shopping engine accepts it, but none of the products is exported, we will show you several popular errors in this case:
    1. Lack of UPC, EAN and GTIN codes. The majority of Amazon templates demand the correct mapping of this field. In case of using the FeedPro extension for the feed file configuration, the beta system is created for auto generation of these codes and creation of the appropriate attribute.
    It makes the configuration much easier. If you don’t use this GoMage extension, you need to map this attribute manually and UPC code must meet a real product.
    1. One of the known errors while configuration is comma, which are used by merchant as a delimiter. In the majority of cases this symbol is used in the product description or in other attributes, so when the system finds this delimiter in the product description, it throws out different errors, one of them is the image error despite of the fact that the reason of the error is not related to the image of your product at all.
    1. In case if you try to bound simple product to configurable ones while configuration, you need to pay attention to the next three fields:

    ParentSKU – often the error appears if you have mapped this field, but have not mapped 2 others (details are below) or you try to show the ordinary product SKU as ParentSKU.

    Parentage – the field should be mapped only if a product has a Parent product. In case if this product doesn’t have the Parent product for the necessary fields, the error appears.

    RelationshipType - this field also should be mapped as to the product type.

    Also, please, remember, that these three attributes can have other names depending on the chosen template. The same as with UPC codes, if you are using GoMage Feed Pro manager, the configuration of such a bundle will be easier, because the extension has many abilities for the configuration of all these variants. You will find all the instructions here:

    As it has been mentioned above, Amazon shopping engine is very capricious and the required fields must be filled in and provided as to the system requirements. In other words, while data exporting you need to pay attention not only to the exported data, but also to register of their mapping.

    While gaining the experience of Amazon feed file, we have come to a conclusion that the simplest configured feed file, the more likely that all the products will be exported to Amazon shopping engine successfully.
    Generate unlimited numbers of magento feed and send your product information by using GoMage Feed Pro to Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Store etc.

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    Very useful thread about amazon and its configuration..This will be helpful for first time users and learners.."exported to Amazon shopping engine successfully."How it gets exported?? via which source??