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eBay shopping engine as a tool for sales.

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  • eBay shopping engine as a tool for sales.

    Everybody has heard about a wonderful opportunity to promote your products and find more customers attracted to the merchants’ shops by listing the products on eBay. eBay is a popular shopping engine which allows you exporting your feed files to it. In return the system charges some fee for this service.

    In order to create the correct feed file you should choose the appropriate category for your products:

    The normal merchant’s desire is to sell more products during the short period of time. Let’s imagine that you are a person who needs something to buy. Will you absorbed by the products search at the moment of your daily routine? Of course, no! When all the family is at home in the morning, having their breakfast or people come from the night shift at 6.00 a.m. and there are no things to do, it is the best time for your sales.

    Please, pay attention that your listings will be stopped displaying at the same time you activate them. So, you need to consider this time in order it will not be the time of the rush hour for purchasing between the potential customers.

    The best hours for your listings are from 6:00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.
    Even if a young mom is full of housework, she will surf the Internet sphere when she does all the work and it will be in about the mid-morning.

    Our advise it to choose precisely the day when your listings are deactivated. Please, don’t choose the Holiday! The majority of customers are in a hurry to buy a necessary thing at this time.
    Ending a listing on Thursday or Friday isn't recommended by experienced eBay sellers. Most of us like to do a global shopping in the period of the weekend.
    Choose the most appropriate duration for your listing. You can extend the period of your listing by paying an extra fee for it. But it will help you to earn more, because people will prefer to make purchases at once to go and look for the things somewhere and spend their leisure time.

    Consider whether gift-giving holidays are coming up.

    When holidays are coming, people need to buy the gifts for their relatives and sweet-hearts.
    Depending on the products you sell, the demand is increased. For example, the jewelry stores are the most demanded ones in the period of St. Valentine’s Day.
    End your auctions soon enough before the holiday that you will have time to get the gift shipped to the online shopper! If you investigate eBay precisely, you will see that it suggests online gifts certificates. It seems to be the wonderful variant for the customers’ surprises.

    In addition we would like to add that the feed file creation is not a difficult process if you use the correct Feed Manager tool such as GoMage Feed Pro extension:
    Turn your sales into holiday! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Online stores began to overtake eBay sales, they begin to look at eBay as a lesser than approach. Thinking eBay customers were only valuable if they became website customers. You can rely on repeat sales and a growing customer base.


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      Online shopping has made life much easier and fast. Do keep in mind some of the tips while online shopping. -Read the reviews for the online stores and specific items before buying-Shop with cash only-Look for online coupons and hit discount sales-Shop Trends Carefully and buy products brands that you know already fit you well.

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        Acquiring customers may be expensive, marketing to your past customer is an extremely effective way of increasing your sales.

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          yes now a days people run to buy online because of the offers. but there are certian things you must consider while buying online, that make sure that site is safe for sharing your debit or creadit card details, always prefer to read review of the product you are buying, also make sure that site is well known and you will get the delivery on time.


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            Yes, Ebay is the best online marketplace for increase sales and now you can easily integrate online marketplaces with Magento Webstore to eliminate manual data entry.


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              Obviously ebay is best among all of the online sites!