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Optimize Magento 2 Multiple Store Views with 4 amazing extensions

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  • Optimize Magento 2 Multiple Store Views with 4 amazing extensions

    Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2

    This extensions allows you to set up different prices or special prices of products per store view

    For example: Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View for Magento 2 and Catalog Price Price Rule per Store View for Magento 2Checkout with Display Currency for Magento 2

    As you know, customers can only checkout with one one base currency of the website, disregarding of store views they buy products from. Therefore, if a store with multiple store views, it is inconvenient for customers when they have to convert their own currencies into a base currency.
    Therefore, this module helps to customers to checkout with the display currency of their own store views they purchase product and go to checkout.

    For example: In French store view with Display currency as Euro (set up in the backend), customer buy products in this store view and checkout with Euro.

    Check it out for FREE Installation, FREE 1-year Support and FREE Update!

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    Great job! I have found these extensions are really very useful.

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    These are the most powerful module to let you interact with your audience. You will able to share your store related news and activities to your audience and also get their opinions about your website. It helps to develop a good relation between a seller and a buyer. At the same time you get a good opportunity to boost sales.